Sunday, 1 March 2009

Bye bye Harmy!

Why all the fuss about Steve Harmison being left out of the England side? Harmison was last a match winner for England in 2006 when he took 6-19 against Pakistan. Why do we think he is suddenly going to produce the goods now after all this time? In 31 attempts since that game, not once has he taken five wickets in an innings.

Let's face it, Harmison should never have been in the squad for the West Indies in the first place. The selectors only persisted with him because of rapidly-dimming memories of that performance in Jamaica five years ago. But working on that theory, the England selctors should have gone with Devon Malcolm. He was once took 9-54 against South Africa, you know.

You can look short-term (four wickets in the series so far) or you can look long term (a steady downhill slide from the time he was ranked number one bowler in the world). In fact, you can look any way you want - Harmison is no longer producing the goods. He is yesterday's man. The selectors should forget him, and move on. And don't start me on his inclusion in the one-day squad - he was never any good at that in the first place.

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