Friday, 21 August 2009

How to win the Ashes, part 1

As has been pointed out numerous times before, Australia led the Ashes in almost every department before the start of the fifth test. They'd scored more runs per wicket, taken more wickets, had the leading three wicket takers and four out of the five leading run scorers, and had scored seven hundreds (compared to England's one).

Australia had performed better than England in every aspect of the game. Apart from one - the result. And that surely is the joy of not only cricket, but of every sport. It's why we love it so much. It doesn't matter that England had scored less runs, had a lowest highest total and a lowest lowest total. What matters, what always matters, is the score.

If cricket was decided by who played best, then matches would be judged by the Sky Sports commentary team, and we'd be watching gymnastics but with a bat and ball. If matches were decided on bald statistics, we might as well read a mathematics textbook. The fact that England lag behind in so many respects, but are now favourites to win the series, should remind us all why we love this great game.

If England regain the Ashes it will be fully deserved. Because the score will be two to England and one to Australia.

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