Sunday, 16 August 2009

Squad for final Test 'announced'

What a disappointment. Not only have the England selectors wimped out of picking the finest batsman in the country, but we also knew what they were going to do before the official announcement.

Jonathan Agnew tweeted the entire squad on Friday at 5.14pm, preceeded by the caveat 'reckon the squad will be...'. Stephen Brenkley wrote in yesterday's Independent that 'Trott looks likely to replace Bopara with Key and Ramprakash missing out.'

How do they know these things? A certain amount could be deduced from Trott being pulled out of the Lions game, but not that much. Where is the leak? Who is depriving us of the pleasure of waking up to Garry Richardson's insanely annoying questioning on Sportsweek with at least a soupcon of uncertainty?

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