Friday, 4 September 2009

Cider. It's just like apple juice, isn't it?

The most exciting aspects of today's game between England and Australia at the Oval had nothing to do with the cricket. First, I had the pleasure of trying to see the action from directly behind the cauliflower ears and ample bulk of former England rugby international Jason Leonard. Then, nearing the end of the day, after a number of visits to the bar, the Australian to my right asked me whether cider was alcoholic. "It's just like apple juice, isn't it?" she said innocently.

Not even Adil Rashid's accurate legspin, Brett Lee's mere presence, or a sighting of that rare beast, the lesser-spotted Hit Wicket Dismissal, could keep our attention on the actual game for long. As the always excellent Andrew Miller neatly sums up over on Cricinfo, it was a dull game enlivened by a last over it didn't deserve.

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