Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The ECB needs YOU!

It didn't get much attention, but the format of next season's domestic limited overs tournament was announced this week. The word that springs to mind is 'hopeless'.

For the ECB to put all its one-day eggs into the 40-over basket was always difficult to fathom. But to then have a format in which the competing sides are divided into three groups of seven, with a composite side of players without a professional contract (a 'Recreational XI') making up the numbers, almost beggars belief.

It gets worse. The tournament seems to be called the 'ECB 40 League'. Or maybe it's the '40 League'? Or maybe the 'ECB 40'? The BBC report that members of the public have been invited to suggest a name for the Recreational XI. Perhaps they would be more usefully employed in thinking of a name for the tournament itself.

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