Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Vaughany joins the ranks

How come tennis gets all the best commentators? The BBC's current Wimbledon coverage boasts John McEnroe, Michael Stich, Pat Cash, Boris Becker, and Greg Rusedski, plus the incomparable Tracy Austin. Not a Brit amongst them, and they're all brilliant.

Who do we get in the cricket? Beefy Botham, Nasser Hussain, and Bob Willis. It doesn't matter if you have a voice that sounds as whiny as a Zepii electric scooter at 30 mph - if you've captained England, YOU'RE IN! And don't even mention Robert Croft.

And now we face the prospect of Michael Vaughan entering the ranks after this week's news that his playing days are over. Don't get me wrong - I love Michael Vaughan with a fierce man-love normally reserved only for my brother and Jackie Chan. But the thought of Vaughan joining Sky Sports' commentary team makes me shudder.

Do the art, do the the business deals, do the cricket in the back garden with three-year-old son Archie. But please Vaughany, give the commentary a miss.

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