Saturday, 25 July 2009

Coping with the tension

Is it just me, or wouldn't it be good to have an Ashes Test that doesn't involve fingernail biting, sleepless nights and the general racking of nerves? Frankly, I'm not sure I can cope with any more. Also, I have a job to do that is becoming increasingly incompatible with the constant perusal of Cricinfo.

When the 2005 series finished, everyone agreed that it was a one-off. The Greatest Series. Matches won by 3 wickets and two runs. Another match that went down to the final ball with the result undecided. It hadn't happened before, and it couldn't happen again.

But perhaps these matches aren't quite as unusual as we think they are. In Decision Against England, Robin Marlar's account of the 1982-83 Ashes series, there is a gripping account of another England victory by 3 runs. In a match of extraordinary symmetry (innings totals of 284, 287, 294 and 288), Ian Botham took the final Australian wicket after a last wicket stand of 70.

So as we look ahead to next week's third Test at Edgbaston, don't be surprised if it goes down to the wire once more. Once again, Monday could be a write-off at work.

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