Tuesday, 21 July 2009

We all know nothing

It's an unpalatable fact, but it's one that must be faced up to. Any kind of prediction or opinion about cricket (apart from those with the power to make a difference) is worth absolutely nothing. I'm not only talking about those ignorant buffoons who rang up 6-0-6 after the first test to say that Andrew Strauss should be sacked and replaced by Kevin Pietersen or Rob Key (of which there were many). The 'experts' also, officially, know nothing.

The worse culprit is undoubtedly Shane Warne. Genius bowler, rubbish soothsayer - Warney is in danger of becoming cricket's version of Pele. The great Brazilian famously predicted that Colombia would win the World Cup in 1994 (they failed to progress from the group stages) and that an African country would win the World Cup in the 20th century (not even close).

Amongst Warney's thoughts prior to the second Test were that Flintoff's announcement of impending Test retirement might prove a distraction, and that Graham Onions would be smashed around the park ('he is a very flat bowler'). I have already mentioned on this blog how he said before the series that Michael Vaughan (remember him?) would have a big role to play over the series.

If Warney can't get it right, what chance do the rest of us have? No longer will I pass an opinion on a test squad, the outcome of a series, or indeed anything connected to cricket. Ever again. Apart from books. From this moment on, this blog will consist entirely of book reviews.

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