Friday, 13 August 2010

Hampshire and KP – it’s all over

So despite Michael Lumb breaking his foot in the Championship game against Somerset earlier in the week, Hampshire still don’t want to give Kevin Pietersen a run-out on Twenty20 finals day tomorrow.

Lumb breaks his foot, KP gets worried

It makes you wonder how bad it would have to get for Hampshire before they turn to the man formerly known as England’s Best Batsman. How many players would have to be out injured before KP was asked if he fancied a game?

And maybe KP didn’t want to play anyway. Having already said that he was on his way out of the club (despite being under contract), it would certainly have been pretty awkward in the changing room. He would have had to learn a few names for a start.

It seems now that there is no going back – the relationship has broken down like an unreliable boiler on a cold winter’s night. I’m with Hampshire - for tomorrow only, they are my team.

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